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Cannabis Compliance Hacks

Cannabis Compliance is Bananas!
Use Our Hacks to Prevent Slip Ups

Cannabis Compliance
is Bananas!

Use Our Hacks to
Prevent Slip Ups

Click here to download a copy of this checklist.

Before you open for business, make sure you have these in place:

  • Business Bank Account
  • Insurance
  • Bookkeeping System
  • Mandatory Record-Keeping System (Download Sample)
  • Set Up Designated Contact Email Forwards  (See Section Below)
  • Set Up Compliance Calendar  (See Section Below)
  • State & Local Tax Accounts
  • Merchant Services w/ PCI Compliance
  • Trademarks and DBA’s
  • Marketing & Advertising Compliance Policies
  • Compliant Website
  • Anti-discrimination & ADA Policies and Procedures

For Operations:

  • Set Up METRC account and complete training & credentialing
  • Set Up Daily Compliance RRRRoll Up (See Section Below)
  • Sign Up for Emergency Texts Alerts
  • Hire Distributor, if applicable
  • Hire Testing Lab, if applicable
  • Packaging and Labeling Compliance Policies
  • Scale Inspection
  • Weighmaster Registration
  • DMV Motor Carrier Permit, if applicable
  • Compliance Enforcement & Inspection Response Plan
  • Create Forms and Documents to Implement SOP’s
  • Create Shipping Manifests, if applicable
  • Retail NonStorefront: Create Delivery Logs & Delivery Request Receipts
  • Cultivation: Order Plant Tags, Create Batch Names


  • Post Licenses and Required Signage, Warnings, Building, and Workplace Postings
  • Set Up POS, if applicable
  • Inspect Premises for compliance with current regulations. Correct objectionable conditions.
  • Hire Security, Set Up Alarms & Cameras, if applicable
  • Visitor Sign In & Procedures
  • Clear ADA Access
  • Set Up Secured Waste Storage
  • Set Up Transport Vehicles, if applicable

For Employees:

  • Hiring Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Policies and Manuals
  • Contracts
  • Payroll
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Mandatory Training Plan
  • Cal/OSHA Cannabis Training
  • Labor Peace Agreement
  • Badges
We created the Daily RRRRoll Up to help keep those pesky bananas from falling through the cracks. Use or copy our form below to implement the Daily RRRRoll Up with your staff and supervisors.

Stay on top of important filings and deadlines by importing our CA Cannabis Compliance Calendar or, to get live updates, add it to your google calendar by clicking on the Add to Google Calendar Icon icon below.

Make sure to track these deadlines for your business:

  • Annual State & License Renewals
  • Local Tax Filing Deadlines
  • Other Local Renewals & Deadlines
  • Annual or Biennial Secretary of State Statement of Information Filing
  • Annual LLC/Corporate Board Meetings
  • Annual Scale Inspection
  • Annual Weighmaster Renewal
  • Motor Carrier Permit
  • Annual PCI Compliance Certification
  • Recurring Employee Trainings
  • Federal Trademark Maintenance Filing (Due in 5th year)
  • State (5 years, calendar at 4.5) & Federal Trademark Renewal (10 years, calendar at 9)
  • County DBA Renewal every 5 years

Keep everyone informed by having the designated contact for your license(s) set up email forwards to the other owners and managers. If possible, filter your forwards by domain including:

  • @yourlocalcannabisagency

Here are additional agencies to include, if applicable:

  • DCC
  • Cal/OSHA
  • CDPH
  • CDFA
  • SWRCB and Regional Water Board
  • County Weighmaster
  • Local Licensing Agency
  • Local Tax Department

This information is to be used as a general guide and is not a comprehensive list of all requirements that may apply to your business. Contact us for advice on regulations specific to your business.

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